Our Leadership

Board of Directors

Just as each patient is unique, so is every community. To ensure that we are responding directly to the needs of those we serve, more than half of Lynn Community Health Center’s Board of Directors are active patients and all live or work in our community.  They not only provide direct consumer feedback, but give voice to our diverse community.

  • Rodolfo R. Vega, President
  • Nelson Woodfork, Vice President
  • Victoria Pulos, Secretary
  • Manuel Ronald Mendes, Treasurer
  • Eliud Alcala
  • Edward Besozzi
  • Lisa Carbone
  • Laura Gallant
  • Florance Guerrier
  • Norris Guscott
  • Sean Lobdell
  • Rachel Pohl
  • Drew Russo
  • Kirirath Saing
  • Marilyn Smith
  • Natasha Soolkin
  • Jobeth Williams

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Senior Management

  • Kiame Mahaniah, MD, Chief Executive Officer
  • Carlos F. Cappas, PsyD, MBA, Chief Behavioral Health Officer
  • Kimberly Eng, Chief Operating Officer
  • Kathleen Duggan, Chief Human Resource Officer
  • Elena Freydin, DNP, Chief Compliance Officer
  • Clare Hayes, Director of Development
  • Kim MacLeod, Chief Financial Officer
  • Geoffrey Pechinsky, MD, Chief Medical Officer