“Building the Plane as We Fly,” Lessons Learned from COVID-19 a conversation between Actor/Writer Jason Mantzoukas and CEO Dr. Kiame Mahaniah

Watch the first in a series of virtual dialogues in preparation for our 50th +1 Anniversary celebration.



Join CEO Dr. Kiame Mahaniah and Actor/Writer Jason Mantzoukas, son of LCHC founder and current Board member Bill Mantzoukas, as they discuss parts of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • As we saw this pandemic unfolding, how did we plan for it, and how did those preparations work out?
  • How did we adjust so quickly to quickly as new information kept coming out about the virus?
  • How did we shift the ways we treated and saw patients throughout the course of the pandemic?
  • What might the future be of telehealth as we move past the pandemic response?
  • What was our response to considering the health crisis as part of concurrent economic crisis?
  • How were we able to shift focus again to start providing vaccines so quickly, and how is the rollout going? (Major shoutout to our partnership with the City of Lynn and MGB Salem Hospital, and all of our incredible community partners!)

As our ongoing COVID-19 response settles into a “new normal,” we are turning our attention to many programs and activities that were put on hold. One of these is the celebration of Lynn Community Health Center’s 50th Anniversary! While we would have celebrated our 50th Anniversary this past April, we are very excited to announce that we will celebrate our “50th + 1 Anniversary” on April 29, 2022. We will officially kick off our campaign this fall, but we wanted to share the beginnings of it all now! Over the next months, we will be working with each area and team in the health center to gather stories, pictures, and videos to showcase and share our staff and communities’ incredible work. Of course, since it will be our 50th + 1, we aren’t limited to just stories of “now,” but look forward to sharing 50 years of care, compassion, and commitment from the LCHC family.




 A live Q&A with Dr. Mahaniah, LCHC Chief Medical Officer Dr. Geoff Pechinsky, and LCHC Chief Operating Officer Kim Eng followed this pre-recorded event and can be found on our YouTube channel.  

Learn more about Dr. Mahaniah and Jason Mantzoukas here!


This virtual event was free of charge.  Donations are appreciated.

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