Black History Quiz: Medical Pioneers

Who is Dr. Regina Benjamin?

Dr. Benjamin is the US Surgeon General.

Who was the only African American on Thomas Edison’s Science Team?

Lewis H. Latimer (1848-1928) was an engineer at the Edison Electric Light Company where he had the distinction of being the only African American member of “Edison’s Pioneers” - Thomas Edison’s team of inventors.

Who is Dr. Mae Jemison?

In 1992, Dr. Mae Jemison became the first African American woman to go into space aboard the space shuttle Endeavor. During her 8-day mission she worked with U.S. and Japanese researchers, and was a co-investigator on a bone cell experiment.

Who is Dr. Benjamin Carson?

Dr. Benjamin Carson was the first surgeon to successfully separate Siamese twins conjoined at the back of the head.

Who was Dr. Otis Boykin?

Dr. Otis Boykin invented the heart pace-maker machine.

Who was Dr. Myra Adele Logan?

Dr. Logan was the first woman to perform open heart surgery.

Who was Dr. Charles Drew?

Dr. Charles Drew developed improved techniques for blood storage, which saved thousands of lives during World War II.  He also created the first blood bank for the American Red Cross.

Who was Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller?

Dr. Fuller was the nation’s first African American psychiatrist and a neurologist.

Who was Dr. Percy Lavon Julian?

Dr. Julian synthesized the drug used in the treatment of glaucoma.