Confidential Care

Confidential Care

  • Confidential care means that you can safely ask questions and receive certain types of healthcare without an adult present. This is so you can have open conversations about sensitive topics.
  • Privacy is important in healthcare and confidenitality (privacy) is kept as long as you are safe. We encourage you to speak with your parent or guardian to help you make your decisions, but we will protect your privacy as long as you are not going to hurt yourself and no one is hurting you. 
  • Confidential care visits include:
    • Pregnancy Testing
    • Emergency Contraception
    • Birth Control
    • PrEP
    • Other reproductive health issues and prevention

What is a healthy relationship?

How do I keep myself safe?

  • The first step in keeping yourself safe is to know if you are in a healthy relationship
  • Have a trusted adult you feel comfortable talking to! This can be a parent, guardian, aunt, uncle, older cousin, sibling, teacher, therapist, counselor, or your health care provider
  • Come talk to us at Teen Health at your School Based Health Center!

How do I make an appointment to see someone because I have more questions and worries?

  • Call  781 598 8128, this is the line specifically for the School Based Health Center and is staffed by the same office coordinators you may see at your schools. They understand the importance of confidentiality and will help guide you to where you need to be seen!