Registered Nurse- Urgent Care


The Urgent Care Team Registered Nurse provides patient care within the ambulatory setting, utilizing assessment and teaching skills to foster patient health.  He/She performs triage, identifies patients at risk, collaborates with medical providers, assists with medical procedures, performs POC treatments,  administers medications, IV’s, and immunizations, and responds to the health education needs of Urgent Care patients and families.  The Urgent Care RN provides information and direction to support the Urgent CareTeam CA and Clerical Staff to maximize clinic flow, promote provider support, and meet patient needs.

  • Optimize patient satisfaction, provider time and exam room utilization by maintaining patient flow, keeping appointments on schedule by alerting provider of patient’s arrival, reviewing service delivery compared to schedule, and reminding provider of delays.
  • Assure efficient patient visit by assuring all appropriate data, documentation, reports and forms are available to the provider prior to the visit.
  • Obtain brief history of chief complaint/reason for visit, allergy status and other pertinent information on the appropriate EHR.
  • Perform all vital signs, necessary screenings, measurements, and point of care testing and record results accurately on the appropriate EHR template.
  • Prepare patient for examination by the provider, assisting as needed with undressing, gowning, draping, etc. and preparing the necessary equipment/supplies needed for the exam/procedure.
  • Assist provider during and after the exam, including chaperoning, assisting with procedures, interpreting, labeling and sending specimens to lab, and clearing away instruments etc. 
  • Assist patient after exam as needed and clean and setup room in preparation for re-use.
  • Perform all Point of Care Testing (POCT) competently, in accordance with Joint Commission standards and federal regulations, recording accurately and informing supervisor immediately of any errors or problems.
  • Perform quality assurance (QA) activities in accordance with Joint Commission standards and federal regulations.
  • Clean and soak used instruments, in preparation for sterilization.
  • Clean and store all equipment used and promptly report any equipment problems to supervisor.
  • Assist with patient discharge and check out, reviewing the after visit summary, and making follow up appointments as needed.
  • Follow up with patients who have not attended their appointments.
  • Accurately utilize EPM and EHR systems for scheduling, documentation, reviewing, printing and/or updating patient information etc.
  • Assist provider and nurse with paperwork and/or phone calls as assigned.
  • Keep exam rooms neat and stocked with necessary supplies and educational materials, monitoring supply levels and re-ordering as necessary.
  • Attend in-service training, team and other appropriate medical, staff and health center meetings.
  • Perform medication reconciliation.
Disease Specific and Life-Cycle Responsibilities
  • Accurately perform diagnostic tests, including NST, EKGs, audiometry, vision exams, tele dermatology photos, and spirometry.
  • Assist specialists with all aspects of the patient visit, when assigned.
  • For pediatric patients, perform and record head circumference, behavioral, and developmental screenings.
  • Perform and record behavioral and mental health screenings, including tobacco, alcohol, drugs, depression, and anxiety. 
  • When assigned, family planning activities, including screening for and education about sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy avoidance.
Patient Care Documents
  • Assist with accurate complete of WIC Forms, DCF Forms, medication prior authorizations, and other clinically focused patient forms.
  • Assist with the tracking and completion of VNA forms.
Pre-Visit Preparation
  • As a core member of a patient-centered care team, the CA will perform pre-visit planning activities according to patient’s age, life cycle, risk factors, and disease to identify needed care, including
    • Risk-based screening for HIV and HCV
    • Cohort based screening for chlamydia, HIV, HCV
    • Disease monitoring for asthma and diabetes
    • Routine health maintenance including adult vaccines, cervical, breast, and colon cancer screening
    • Disease-based health maintenance and monitoring for diabetes and HIV
    • Adult routine and disease based immunizations
    • Chronic controlled substances monitoring
    • Depression and anxiety symptom monitoring
    • Routine pregnancy
    • Well child behavioral, developmental, anthropometric, serological screenings
    • As appropriate: set ups for procedures and special testing
    • Retrieve results not yet entered in the health record
    • Retrieve discharge summaries, if needed
    • Retrieve newborn records, if needed
Care Management
  • Follow up with patients who do not attend appointments.
  • As a core member of a patient-centered care team, the CA will assist with the collection of patient care data essential for the delivery of comprehensive care and care planning, including
    • Medical History
    • Surgical History
    • Family History
    • Social History
    • Social determinants of health


  • Graduate of accredited nursing program,
  • Current Mass. Licensure,
  • BLS certification.
  • Demonstrated IV and phlebotomy skills recommended.
  • History of good attendance and positive work attitude

Previous medical assisting experience in a community setting with demonstrated attention to detail, preferred.

Job Posting: 21-200